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Nemiroff Lex
Nemiroff Lex is the most exciting and perfect top of the Nemiroff vodka collection. Alcohol matured for 6 months and purified by the 11 stages of a state-of-the-art filtration system gives this vodka the real super-premium purity and softness. The delicate linden-tree blossom flavor initially light with sweet creaming, slightly notable exotic fruits and balanced by aromatic spirits extracts of oat flakes. Finishes with a long, very clean, creamy and luxury softness, continually expanding feeling of delicious elegance.

The original bottle design for Nemiroff Lex was developed by the famous French designer Philippe Seys of the renowned Design Studio “Version Originale”, who immortalized the concept of ultimate taste perfection in the ultimate vodka bottle design.

Nemiroff Premium
The elite-class flavoured Nemiroff vodka. Purified by the classic technology, this vodka undergoes additional filtration that adds to its smoothness and purity. Slight mint flavour gives a lasting velvety after-taste of soft freshness. Nemiroff Premium is the vodka with a refined, subtle taste; strong but at the same time smooth vodka reflecting the name given to it – ‘premium’ from the Latin for ‘the best’.

Nemiroff Original
A stylish, traditional vodka, vibrant and strictly for the strong of character. The distinctive, bold taste is based on a perfect texture, incorporating caraway seeds and honey. The long aftertaste underscores the nobility and heritage of Nemiroff Original, the vodka of heritage renowned among connoisseurs everywhere. The pure and bright taste of this premium vodka is complimented by fragrant thyme, which creates a full and rewarding flavour.

Nemiroff Ukrainian Wheat
The recipe of this vodka was developed in keeping with the authentic traditions of classical vodkas. Palate of purest grain wheat alcohol is strengthened by aromatic extracts of freshly baked white bread with long lasting rich aftertaste. This vodka comes from the finest grain and specially prepared artesian water with crystal transparency and purity. Ukrainian wheat is a traditional symbol of prosperity, abundance and hospitality – which is why it is always found at family celebrations, weddings and jubilees.

Nemiroff Honey Pepper
For centuries, two vodka varieties have been particularly well-known in Ukraine: honey vodka and pepper vodka. Then, in 1997, specialists of the Nemiroff Ukrainian Vodka Company took a daring and revolutionary step uniting these two flavour extremes and creating Honey Pepper vodka. Inspired by ancient Slavic recipes, Nemiroff Honey Pepper vodka meets desires of the most refined strong drinks connoisseurs. It is premium Ukrainian vodka with unique and exiting flavour, which embodies the superior quality and heritage. Using only the finest natural ingredients Nemiroff created a subtle blend, in which wild herbs balance the sweetness of honey and the warmth of delicate red chilli peppers. It is the best-known and unique Nemiroff flavour that is appreciated by more than 30 countries worldwide and became the so-called «business card of Ukraine».

Nemiroff Birch Special
The Nemiroff Birch Special was created as a unique beverage of vivacity, jollity and victories. It is a combination of centuries-old traditions of the Ukrainian horilka distilling, an exclusive recipe and high-quality natural ingredients. The extremely fresh combination of bitterness of birch buds is combined with the subtle aroma of the lime tree. The vodka has a soft and slightly fruity aftertaste. Some of the ingredients used in this blend trace back to the Kievan Rus traditional recipes of birch-bud-flavoured liquors that retain all the wholesome properties and reveal the brightest colours of the nature.

Nemiroff Rye Honey
A subtle, soft taste that combines the flavours of pure honey and the freshly baked crust of rye bread with long warming and calming aftertaste, framed with an elegant taste of matured cognac. Rye Honey is a drink unforgettable for its wonderfully mild and exquisite taste. Rye Honey will remind you both of a warm summer evening on the sea coast and crepitating fire in a fireplace on cold winter evenings.

Nemiroff Cranberry
A faint echo of cognac combines with a hint of tart cranberry to provide a bright and expressive aroma for this surprising and unusual vodka-based beverage. Nemiroff Cranberry is made only of high-quality natural ingredients, and traditionally applied Nemiroff modern technologies guarantee its high quality.