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Khortytsa, the best Ukrainian vodka, continues surprising consumers.
This time, the products of ultimate quality will be represented by another new product type.
On March 24, the shops started selling Khortytsa Premium, a new Khortytsa’s trade mark.
To obtain a new and perfect taste of Khortytsa Premium, a team of Khortytsa Distillery’s specialists has created a new formula, the secret of which lies in the drink’s receipt and production technology. It took about half a year to develop this receipt.
The new Khortytsa type has an even milder taste which, together with water taken from an artesian well and high quality grain Lux spirit, will win consumers’ attention.
Today, leading in the Ukrainian alcohol market with a share of 30%,
Khortytsa never stops surprising its consumers with its products’ new gustatory characteristics and in such a way confirms its status of the best Ukrainian vodka.



“Platinum” (vodka): Elite “Platinum” receipt created according to the technology of using unique characteristics of amber marks a new stage in producing vodkas. Its basis is the best Ukrainian high quality Lux spirit and a specially prepared water.

“Pepper Honey Hot” (liquor): It is for the lovers of spicy taste. Coolness of green mint, hot red pepper, and the contrasting mildness of linden honey. Honey does not so much make it milder, as supplements the taste of the real “pepper vodka”.

Khortytsa Ice vodka with a refined recipe and interesting characteristics of the bottle that changes its colour when chilled. Thanks to aromatic mint, lime and menthol varieties of ethanol, Ice vodka has extremely subtle floral flavor and the feeling of coolness.

A real masterpiece created for connoisseurs. Premium organic vodka Khortytsa De Luxe is the ultimate product of high-end vodka manufacturing. Its elite exclusive recipe is based on grain ethanol “Lux” and the purest water. The perfect combination of natural ingredients of the highest quality results in exquisite flavor and soft aftertaste, brining pleasure with every sip of this vodka.